Chester’s Team is the builders’ choice for carpenters!

You are about to meet a team of professional tradesmen who love their work and take pride in it.

At Chester’s, we love putting in a hard, honest day’s work every time and seeing a quality result which is a product of our old school work ethic and standards, as well as our new world ideas and innovations.

Many years of committed, passionate experience gives Chester’s tradesmen an edge over the others. Not much gets past our vast, combined knowledge and experience.

There exists a healthy competition between the ambitious members of Chester’s team, whereby we are always challenging one another to achieve higher standards of workmanship and efficiency. However never at the expense of team comradery, teamwork, ethics and customer satisfaction. Chester’s tradesmen genuinely care about the progression of their team members as well as themselves.

Our tradesmen always take pride in their:
• Work
• Workspace/place
• Tools & equipment
• Vehicle
• Appearance
• Themselves
As they should!
And it shows!…

Key qualities our clients have come to expect from Chester’s team are:
• Dependability
• Punctuality
• Efficiency
• Safety
• Sharpness
• Foresight/planning ability
• Organisational skills
• Clear communication
• Manners

Chester’s team stands apart from the others because all the above principles come standard.

Contact us today to find out how we can be a part of your team.