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How to choose a good carpenter?02 Sep

Selecting Carpenters & other trades can be difficult
Things to beware of – They may talk the talk but can they walk the walk? Read on….

Do your carpenters always choose straight top plates, door, window and corner studs?
Do they think ahead and make life easy for following trades?
Do they check for point loads and anticipate frame inspection items?
Do they leave junctions un-nailed until lock up to allow for settling?
Do they leave window openings until window dimensions are confirmed?
Do they keep the bows all the same way?
Do they plumb, straighten and temporary brace their frames properly?

Lock up
Do your carpenters properly flash doors and windows?
Do they install units plumb and straight and check correct operation?
Do they check for fixture locations and place noggs?
Do they take pride in their work?

Do your carpenters always make their door gaps even and straight?
Do your carpenters scribe cut their internal corners?
Do your carpenters glue all timber joints?
Do your carpenters sand finish their joints smooth?
Do your carpenters punch all nails?

If you want a passionate and guaranteed “YES” to all the above, then get CHESTER’S on the job! Contact us now!

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